Tang Soo Do Karate: At The Naugatuck YMCA

No Contracts, It's Up To You How Long You Train.
No Contracts, It's Up To You How Long You Train.

What do I need to do Karate?
Quite simply, you and your enthusiasm are all you need to get you going. Although we do wear a proper outfit, called a do bohk, there is no immediate requirement to wear one. Just start in jogging bottoms and a tee shirt.
Once you have decided that Tang Soo Do is right for you, then you can purchase a beginner’s suit, which should see you through a good number of lessons.

What benefits will I get?
That’s almost down to the individual. For the junior student we hope that they make new friends. They should get to understand their physical abilities and limitations. Hopefully, become more self-disciplined and also learn respect for elders and higher ranks. They will also learn to think for themselves & defend themselves.


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