Spotted: Injured Grey Cat, Possibly Blind. Seen Him?

On 3/1, I saw a large grey cat cross Curtiss St. just past Linden St. He appeared to be limping. I got out to follow him, but he wouldn't allow me to get too close. He looked old and haggard, walked with a stagger, was either blind or nearly blind, had horrible scabs behind his ears (I'm guessing due to ear mites), and was clearly an intact male. Although he didn't run from me--I don't think he could do more than limp along--he did quickly walk away from me and wouldn't stop to acknowledge my cooing. I felt that he could tell someone was following him, but due to his inability to see, and perhaps hear, very well, he wasn't quite sure where I was. He walked up toward 272 North Main St., where the accountant's office is.

I'm concerned about him, because surviving outside like a wild animal is hard enough without being old, nearly blind, and injured. If we, the residents of the area, can help find him, maybe we can collect donations to either get him the vet care he needs, or have him humanely euthanized, if it appears he is suffering and cannot be rehabilitated. Please let me know if you see him. Email: helpsavethehumans at yahoo dot com. Thanks! --kate
kate sheely March 06, 2014 at 02:41 PM
Note: He appears to be a solid grey. I didn't notice any obvious stripes or spots. I haven't seen him since. :(


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