Best Spots to Watch Naugatuck's Memorial Day Parade

Readers weigh in on their favorite parade spots. What's yours?

Photo Credit: Nancy Sasso Janis
Photo Credit: Nancy Sasso Janis
With so much to see Monday in Naugautck’s Memorial Day Parade, first timers are looking for help finding the best places to watch from.

When the question was posed on the Naugatuck Patch Facebook page, Maggie Dowd suggested Church Street and Stacy Schumacher agreed, adding Firehouse Road and Maple Street to the list.

Most commenters agreed with those three suggestions, though Cynthia Grant told readers to watch from under the bridge on Maple Street and Oak Street, particularly for when they “fire the old rifles under it and it’s so loud and awesome.”

Grant added that it’s an easy place to get in and out of before and after the parade.

Candice Boyd (no relation to the author) also suggested getting there “early with a chair or blanket for a good spot right on the edge of the sidewalk or someone will show up late and stand in front of you,” which several other readers agreed with.

Where’s your favorite spot to watch the parade?


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