Why Naugatuck is Awesome: What You Said

Naugatuck (Photo via Naugatuck Patch Facebook page)
Naugatuck (Photo via Naugatuck Patch Facebook page)

Fill in the blank with the first thing that comes to mind! The best thing about living in #Naugatuck is _____________.

In our first installment of Fill in the Blank Monday on the Naugatuck Patch Facebook page, that’s the sentence we asked readers to finish. There were 186 answers that ran the gamut, ranging from funny to serious to heartwarming.

Didn’t weigh in on Facebook? Tell us how you’d finish the sentence in the comments section below!

The People

Margery Jones I came from West Haven to live in Naugatuck way back in 1992. I brought my children up here and they made many friends. The rents were cheaper then (I own my condo now) and I like living close to the woods. Also I like seeing the wildlife more! Plus, it's quiet up this way. Just driving on Rte. 8 North and looking at all of the green trees is very relaxing.

Linda Pollicita I was born and raised here, moved away, and just bought a house here with my husband. We love our quite little neighborhood in the woods and our neighbors are so friendly. It is home, and like anything else in life, it is what you make it.

Carolyn Autore My husband.

Kelly Madden DeCampos It could be better if people did stuff instead of complaining. We are blessed with the best neighborhood ever!!! Sorry everyone else!!!

Marcy Pasquariello If I were researching Naugy, to move here and buy all your houses...I wouldn't. Think before you post. Best thing about living in Naugatuck: the friends I've made while here.

Brandi Kryvonis We just bought our house here a year ago and we love our beautiful neighborhood and super nice neighbors. It's so nice to sit outside and listen to the birds and see all the animals. Def agree taxes could be better and it would be nice for more restaurants and businesses though.

David Gilbert Old friends and Boy Scouts

The Events

Paris Christina Duck Day! Seriously. It's my favorite day of the year. Yesterday was perfect.

Betty Krause Naugatuck Duck Day and the 4th of July

Carly Rau Harvest Moon and Linden Park, farmers’ markets and concerts on the green — it's a very family-oriented town and always planning things to bring people together for fun!

Candy Keene Lebel Why do all of the people who don't live here anymore even follow the Naugatuck news? I came here from Danbury 5 years ago and really like it. People are so friendly. The only thing I hope they do is reopen Hop Brook Pool. All of the holiday activities the Park and Rec department offers are my favorite thing. More than three generations of my family are born and raised in Connecticut — we are Nutmeg State proud and I wish all of the unhappy people would just move on.

Maggie Dowd Everything that goes on our beautiful town green, Summer concerts, St. Michael's Fair with peach shortcake, Harvest Moon Craft Fair, Farm Market and cultural events.

The Scenery

Judith Myer Linden Park. Love taking walks down there with the puppy. And yes, I clean up after but wish others would be more responsible.

Molly Woonsocket The State Parks, trails, diverse wildlife!

Kelly Plude I love the mountain view its so pretty in the spring and fall

Patti Dwyer High Rock, love to take my kids hiking there.

The Food

Mike Jackman Al's Hot Dog. Pretty much it.

Tim Woodfield Nardelli’s by far

The Future

Mike Stopa The possibility of what I believe it will be

Seth Bronko Is the town the problem or is it us? Change your perspective and maybe you can have a better outlook on things. Kudos to the patch for trying to be positive and stir up some hometown pride. There's plenty to appreciate in town, but the town can't do anything about a bad critical attitude.

Because It’s Home

Darlene Lopes Born, raised, live and work here. Lots of great memories. Husband and I and both our children (one in a few weeks) are graduates of NHS. Yes, there are many things one can sit and complain about. There are towns that have better reputations - but I am not going to complain. I enjoy the close community activities and Naugy pride. I love the green, the farmers market, the churches, and our library. Both my kids got involved in school sports and programs and formed great friendships and memories. Yes, I wish taxes were lower and yes, we are disappointed in more than just one issue here — but every town has them. This is home. Let's count our blessings.

Jessica Becker It’s unfortunate because is such a beautiful part of CT. I love Naugatuck. Not so much its residents, but Naugatuck as a whole. We can't give up. The only way to bring it back is to fight for it. Or move out.

Jessica Boucher I'm really trying to think here, but I'm at a loss for words and that doesn't happen often. Still love Naugy even if I can't think of any reasons why. It's just home.

Why do you love Naugatuck? 
B-Rad June 05, 2014 at 07:31 AM
Worse town ever. We were promised great things would happen to this town before we moved and now we just live in a high tax town with bad roads that rarely get fixed!
brutus June 05, 2014 at 09:32 AM
go on any patch site and you'll see people complaining about their town. these forums are great for letting off steam, so you get a lot of negativity. the fact is, we live in CT. taxes are high. they are high in Naugy, they are high everywhere. all I know is, I live in a great house in a great neighborhood with great neighbors and that's really all that matters.
Don Carten June 05, 2014 at 09:42 AM
What is the best thing about living in Naugatuck? For me it's all the people who volunteer so much of their time and energy to our many boards and commissions. For most their only reward is constant criticism from those who choose to just sit back and complain. As for me, I'd like to offer a big THANK YOU !!


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