Are You Aware? Diagnostics Charges

Terry's Auto, located on Blackstone St. in Woonsocket, charges $90 for a service Auto Zone conducts for free.

For Woonsocket residents, one of the most conveniently located mechanics in town would have to be , which is now owned and operated by Gil Denomme. Located right on the corner of Main and Blackstone St., it is an establishment which caters to many folks who live here in Woonsocket.

Auto Zone, which is located in the Park Square Plaza, offers free testing when your “Check Engine” light comes on. That should tell us that this diagnostic test  cost virtually nothing.

Terry’s Auto, however, will not accept the codes from Auto Zone diagnostic  test.  According to Gil Denomme,  they have to do this diagnostic test themselves. Why? Hmmm… not really sure. When I asked Kelly, the receptionist there at Terry's Auto, I did not feel I was given a clear answer.  Could it be the extra $90 they’d be missing out on?

Gil charges $90 for the five minutes it takes to diagnose the “Check Engine” light.

Although Kelly will tell you –if you ask – that they do indeed charge extra for this, she did not tell me how much.

I made the mistake of not asking how much it would be.  I assumed that since Auto Zone conducted this service for free, it couldn’t possibly cost more than a few dollars. Well, I got stuck with a near $100 bill before any auto work was even done.

Many mechanics charge fees for diagnostics and it may take a little searching to find a place that will listen when you tell them just what you want fixed. At least now, you are aware.

Jason D June 17, 2011 at 04:06 PM
Michelle thank you for making me aware of the fee and Gil thank you for sharing your side of the story too. One thing that sticks out is AutoZone is a parts store that doesn’t provide any mechanic services like Terry's or any other mechanic. Also they are probably using the $100 model to do the scan. Opinions are just that opinions, everyone has one and is entitled to it. People should be a little more respectful of each other here. It is ok to disagree but don’t get bent and start personally attacking each other. Also expect when you put an opinion out there that people are going to disagree and it is ok for that. I have never been to Terry’s for repair work but I have heard good things about the business and I see lots of cars running around with Terry’s Auto stickers on them. IMO Terry’s has a right to charge for this service there is a direct cost to the business to provide this service to his customers. Also as a mechanic he needs to protect himself from “customers” just coming in and asking for a code scan or diagnostic and then fixing themselves. It takes time and a mechanic to perform this. Why shouldn’t they be compensated for this? Also who the heck shops around when your vehicle needs to be repaired? I mean if it is needed right away, and why would you go to a place you don’t trust working on your car?. I am not talking about getting tires or a brake job, but rather repairs that are needed right then and there.
Jason D June 17, 2011 at 04:06 PM
cont'd I work in IT field and I have/do personal computer service on the side. When someone asks me to look at there computer I talk to them about what they are expecting. Are they just looking for an expert opinion? Are they looking for me to diagnose and repair the issue? For the 1st one I would charge a flat diagnostic rate, from there they may decide to fix it themselves or have me do it. For the latter I would apply the flat diagnostic rate to the repair work. Only time someone was unhappy was when I charged them $25 (discounted Diag. fee) to plug back in their network cable. Total time to diagnose and repair was 5 mins. I had spoken to them via phone for 15 mins and asked if they had checked the cable. I had to drive 30 mins to get there and it was at night. So people you will never make happy.
Jay Dionne June 17, 2011 at 04:37 PM
Nothing wrong with a little civil discourse...debate and discussion is always healthy.
Lionel June 18, 2011 at 01:53 PM
Dear Gill Please pay YOUR techicians to Diagnose my vehicle's problem. I would like you to work for free and allow me to use your knowledge....equipment.......tools....personnel.....overhead.........and experience to tell me what my cousin "Homer" needs to fix in my back yard. Thank you Michelle Too.
Steve June 18, 2011 at 04:51 PM
Oh, and while your at it, can I please have a free oil change as well. It seems like I'm 5000 miles overdue....LOL!


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