Arresting News

Below are the most interesting recent blotter items in our region. All defendants are innocent unless proven guilty in court.

A case of "sextortion" topped police news in Monroe this week, where a 19-year-old resident allegedly hacked into a female's Gmail and Facebook accounts and then said he would return control of the accounts to her in exchange for nude photos of her. http://patch.com/A-kVJl


Several curious incidents, including an odd dancing man and pool-hopping, marked the week in Middlebury. Middlebury police reported two separate incidents of youths illegally entering private pool complexes to go swimming. They also received a report of a man acting suspiciously and dancing continuously while pushing a shopping cart full of bottles and cans. http://patch.com/A-kVbN


State police issued an amber alert for a child abduction in Stamford when someone reported that a child had been thrown screaming into the trunk of a car. The alert was later rescinded when it was reported that a box, not a child, had been put into the car's trunk. http://patch.com/A-kYtW


The two Newfoundland dogs that killed another in a dog mauling in Oxford are scheduled to be put to sleep, according to Oxford First Selectman Mary Ann Drayton-Rogers. Drayton-Rogers issued a release saying that the dog owner has remained uncooperative throughout the resolution process and even went so far as to move the dogs to an out-of-state location and ignore a restraining order/consent agreement with the town.  http://patch.com/A-lbbv


A security guard is facing charges after allegedly stealing gas from Newtown, where the Fairfield Hills security officer is said to have used a 5-gallon Crystal Rock water bottle to siphon gas from the town's supply to fill his own vehicle. The incident was reportedly by a resident, who allegedly caught the guard in the act, confronted him about it and then reported the incident to police. http://patch.com/A-kTjp


The market for stolen jeans is apparently hot in Southbury, as police are investigating an incident in which ten pairs of jeans were reportedly stolen from the GAP store there.  http://patch.com/A-kRYR


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