Renaissance Place Developer Behind on Town Taxes

According to The Connecticut Post, Alexius Conroy, the man behind Naugatuck's downtown renovation project, owes thousands to the town of Fairfield where he is a resident.

The developer behind a $700 million downtown redevelopment project in Naugatuck is behind on his taxes.

According to The Connecticut Post, Alexius and Nancy Conroy owe $125,457 in back taxes to the town of Fairfield, where Conroy is a resident and a business owner. The newspaper put Conroy as the third-hightest deliquent taxpayer on its top 10 list, which was published this week.

The unpaid tax bills go back to 2010, the newspaper said. Conroy is the owner of Conroy Development Co.

Conroy signed a five-year agreement with the borough in 2007 for a massive downtown private-public renovation project called Renaissance Place. Local officials have said the project stalled because of the economic downturn in 2008.

While there’s been a lot of reported behind-the-scenes work in place, no real development has been executed, besides a rehabilitation of the Parcel C plot of land in the downtown. 

The clean-up is a prerequisite for an eventual medical center, built by St. Mary's Hospital, and a parking garage, which would be partially financed by the borough and public grants.

Conroy has said St. Mary’s still has plans in place to build a medical facility there, however that is incumbent on the parking garage. The borough is still seeking funding for the construction of the garage.

Meanwhile, St. Mary's Hospital CEO Chad Wable has told Naugatuck Patch the hospital is willing to work with Naugatuck on the proposed medical center, however there's no firm commitment on the structure at the moment.

juan February 13, 2012 at 01:23 AM
The reality of attracting new business to naugatuck is to lower taxes.Thats why peter and paul,lewis engenering and many others are no longer with us and town officials are not getting it.What incentive does a large corporation have to come to naugatuck?Taxes are rising and continue to rise.Nothing changes here just taxes keep going up!Best option for naugatuck to do is turn the land into farming its more valuable or it'll be another overgrown parking lot.
Fr February 13, 2012 at 01:56 AM
I hope the Town officials have not been "taken to the cleaners" here. I, like most people, smelled something fishy with this from day-one. I put all my trust in "smart" town officials to FULLY vet this person and to go into this deal with both eyes WIDE open...and with continual checking up on him from all sources possible. Too much was riding on this being a false hope.
Naugatalk February 13, 2012 at 06:07 AM
Imagine if St Mary's Hosptial did build on the Hershey Property! The jobs that it could bring to town especially being professional jobs could give much a much needed boost to some of the small business here in town. Doctors, Nurses, and hosptial workers including visitors could utalize some of the business here in town. Gas Stations Coffee shops delis auto repair service restaurants and possibley bring in the need for other new business not here now! It's worth thinking about, As far as the Parcel C site... looks bleek to me. Down town seems to be dying a slow death. Alex you do disapoint us Naugatuck Citizens ! Your dream has become our nightmare!
Naugatalk February 13, 2012 at 08:14 PM
Hello Dolly You have the right idea but have you been on New Haven Road in the past months? Peter Paul building is NO MORE.. It was demolished and with that goes the taxes they were paying the town. Now there is an empty lot waiting to be redeveloped! Any other good ideas perhaps a new store like Target or a Lowes? Are our "Town Officials" looking for someone to fill the void? I don't hear any chatter through the grape vine ! What about economic developement are they doing any research? Time will tell I suppose.
Jack February 24, 2012 at 08:17 PM
The new pond on Parcel C has grown on me since geese started congregating there last year. I think the town should put up some benches and call it a park until the medical center comes in. Maybe we could have summer concerts around the pond or a skating rink in the winter. I imagine the town forces will have to maintain it anyways so it isn't blighted. Why not treat it like a park? Towns like Sonoma, CA and Wellesley, MA have duck ponds. Why not Naugatuck? We can stock it with ducks and have mascots for the annual Duck Race.


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