Fire on Prospect Street Being Criminally Investigated

The Naugatuck fire marshal investigating the case said officials know the blaze at a Route 68 house was set, but they are determining whether it was intentional or accidental.

Naugatuck Fire Marshal Robert Weaver said a fire that , burning a downstairs bedroom and causing smoke damage in the first floor, is being criminally investigated.

“The case is still not closed,” Weaver said. “We know the fire started on the bed, [and] we’re still looking into whether it was intentional or unintentional.”

He also said, “It does appear that it was set.”

from both Naugatuck and Prospect responded to 504 Prospect St., a section of Route 68, just before 12:30 p.m. for a report of a fire on the first floor of a two-family home.

The fire department succeeded in putting out the blaze and all of the occupants, including the owner who lives upstairs and the tenant downstairs, escaped, said Fire Chief Kenneth Hanks.

As of Monday, a cause hasn’t been determined, however Weaver said investigators pinpointed the start of the fire as beginning on the bed. But now it’s a matter of determining whether it was an accident or an act of arson.

Weaver said the occupant on the first floor was reportedly in the process of moving out after being evicted from the upstairs owner. She had placed the bed standing up against the wall, which is where fire officials said the incident began.

Shortly after the fire, State Police investigators reportedly showed up at the scene and cordoned off the house during the course of the investigation.

Weaver said this was because local fire marshals asked the state fire marshal to bring an accelerant detection dog, canines used to sniff out what might have caused the blaze.

Weaver said both his office and the are now investigating the fire. Naugatuck officer Mike Favale said the case has been handed over to the and no arrests have been made.

Lynn March 02, 2012 at 03:06 AM
Ahh, justice might be served!!! Tenant was in process of moving out??? Tenant was just recently served!!!! I feel sorry for the landlord and pray he recovers all monies from his losses...


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