Housecleaner Finds Hand Grenade

You never know what you'll find when housecleaning.


MIDDLEBURY -- Just prior to the arrival of Hurricane Sandy, friends of an elderly gentleman who lived on Joy Road were cleaning the house and came upon some old ammunition and a hand grenade, Acting Police Chief Richard A. Wildman said.

The unexpected items were handed over to Officer Todd Adams of the Middlebury Police Department. The ammunition was secured, while the hand grenade was made safe and secured for later disposal.

On November 6, the Connecticut State Police Emergency Services picked up the grenade with the intent of disposing of it properly, Wildman said.

"It is not known if this grenade is live or not and the policy of the Middlebury Police is to treat all military items as if they are live and dangerous," he said. "No further investigation is anticipated at this time."


This isn't the first time a grenade was brought to the Middlebury Police Department. See this article from September 2011.


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