Juveniles Charged with Burglary, Stealing Guns

Three juveniles and an 18-year-old arrested for allegedly breaking into a home and stealing money and handguns.

Correction: The original story misstated the number of juveniles (there were three, rather than two) and the associated charges. The article has been updated.

Naugatuck police charged three juveniles and an 18-year-old city man on several charges of larceny and burglary, including arresting one for the theft of firearms.

Two of the juveniles turned themselves in to Naugatuck police on April 9 on active warrants in regard to a break-in reported on March 14. The other juvenile and 18-year-old Javon Couture, of Rubber Ave., were arrested on April 10.

According to police, the alleged burglars broke into the home of one of the juvenile’s family members and stole money, coins and two handguns.

Two of the juveniles and Couture were charged with burglary in the third degree, larceny in the fourth degree, conspiracy to commit burglary in the third degree and conspiracy to commit larceny in the fourth degree. One was also charged with stealing a firearm.

The third juvenile is charged with threatening and breach of peace after making threatening statement to another juvenile on Facebook. The juvenile was taken to the Bridgeport Juvenile Detention Center per a court order.

The other two juveniles were released to their parents with a court date set for April 16 in Waterbury.

Couture was released on a promise to appear in Waterbury Court on April 23.
chuck April 16, 2014 at 08:16 PM
We wouldn't be talking about youth centers and the like if these clowns were made to pay for their crimes. Yes...in the short run we would be staffing and maintaining prisons. In the long run, prisons would begin to empty out. Sanctions are the only thing that ever work. Sentence these losers to 20 years in the pokie with no early release for stealing as little as a shirt from Job Lot. Start putting away these bums for long stretches. At some point these fools are going to say to themselves, "Damn...I better behave and get my act together. I'm not gonna steal this pack of gum. I ain't going to jail for 20 years!" People (even dumb bastards) would begin to comply with our laws. Only a scant few would even risk any kind of crime for fear of virtually going away for life. In 10-20 years time the jails would begin to empty out. No one would be going in. We could close down jails, not get our taxes raised to support them. Alas, there are no politicians with the backbone for such measures. All the do-gooders would convulse at the idea and squawk to their spineless government leaders and in the end...all the useless programs and perks for losers would remain intact. My hair hurts....I have to go.
SILENT WOLF April 16, 2014 at 09:53 PM
Wishful thinking , It would never work , streets would be empty ,neighborhoods would be desolate . Jail would be the size of cities, drug rehabs would be all included in the prisons,and the cops would be bored to death,
Amanda K Hill April 16, 2014 at 10:00 PM
So, Chuck, to use your "shirt from Job Lot" example, you are proposing a 20 year sentence for a Larceny 6 charge, the lowest chargeable offense, in the lowest category of misdemeanor offenses, that being Class C, for a juvenile? What about the toddler than grabs a pack of gum at the checkout while mom is busy paying for groceries? Lock up the 2 year old and throw away the key? I know police officers now, that had run ins with the law as a juvenile. Why throw everyone away? Let me ask you this, if this is your true school of thought on the subject, how would you feel if your child fell into that category? Before you say your child wouldn't lets presume for the sake of this conversation, they did. Would you still be gung ho to toss your own child away for 20 years? That mentality is exactly WHY so many kids become bad seeds, they are shown no one cares, everyone's against them and has them labeled as a loser. Not to mention, in 20 years time we would have individuals that went away as youths, that have become adults and have spent the bulk of their lives institutionalized. Grown adults coming back into society after a lifetime of being institutionalized. What do you think the society and town you live in would be like then? I wonder if what you say is for shock value, attention, or if you are just that .....jaded. By the way, hope your hair feels better...
chuck April 16, 2014 at 10:34 PM
Does this mean I can count on your vote, Amanda? The plan would still, by and large work. It might take a generation to work itself through. yeah...I know...what if a two year old ate some grapes at the Big Y?? We'll address the "what ifs" when they happen. 45 year olds coming back into society?? OK, so they either shape up or ship out again to prison. As i said, the prisons would eventually be empty anyway, so there wouldn't be any 45 year olds coming back out anyway. Look, obviously this is tongue-in-cheek, as you began to figure out near the end of your reply. Still, I don't see a better plan out there. What we have now has been abject failure. System's broke. It's not gonna get any better. Towns like Naugatuck will continue to be overrun with miscreants and punks who either didn't get enough love or were spanked too many times. Libs will continue to give them 300 chances to "do better." Program after program will be thrown their way to help them "see the light" all at the expense of good, hardworking folk like me... with NO results to show for it except drained wallets.
Amanda K Hill April 16, 2014 at 11:34 PM
Chuck, I don't agree with 300 chances to do better. But we are humans, we all make mistakes, and as youths we all have made bad, and/or stupid choices, some worse than others. But if a kid screws up once, I don't think they should be tossed away. There are definitely kids who are repeat offenders, and clearly have no intention of changing ever. But there are also good kids that get caught up with a bad kid or bad crowd and use bad/stupid/idiotic judgment, but clearly aren't a threat to reoffend again. The main focus of the juvenile justice system is intervention; to intervene, redirect, and divert kids from delinquent behavior, so that they eventually become productive citizens when they are adults. Can they all be redirected and diverted? No, just like some adults can't be either. If you ask me, HOME is where these things need to be fixed. When a kid is repeatedly delinquent, I blame the parents. Sorry if that offends anyone.


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