PD: Man Busted in Online Sex Chat Sting With Alleged Teen

Naugatuck police said an Orange man tried to arrange a sexual encounter with a cop posing as a 14-year-old girl in an online chat room.

An Orange man is facing criminal charges after police said he tried to arrange a face-to-face sexual encounter with a supposed 14-year-old girl over the Internet.

But that encounter never actually happened, because the alleged girl that 39-year-old Christopher Driscoll met in a chat room online was no teen at all, police said. Rather it was Det. Ronald Blanchard.

Blanchard is a member of the Internet Crimes Against Children Task Force, collaborated program between state and local law enforcement that seeks to investigate offenders who use the internet or the computer to sexually exploit children, said Lt. Robert Harrison, Naugatuck police spokesman.

“We don’t find them, they find us,” Harrison said. “Our detective does nothing more than enter a chat room with a profile made up that depicts him as a 14-year-old female, with a photo, hobbies, interest, etc.”

In this case, like other computer crimes case, police said Driscoll made contact with Blanchard — as he assumed the profile of the 14-year-old — on six separate occassions between Jan. 17 and Feb. 9. The suspect initiated sexual conversation during the interactions, police said.

After enough chats, Driscoll asked the detective to meet up, and police set the location as Mounview Plaza in Naugatuck, Harrison said. From there, police said Driscoll sought to engage in sexual activity.

Driscoll gave the alleged 14-year-old a description of his car so when he arrived at the Rubber Avenue plaza they could find each other, police said.

But when Driscoll got there on Feb. 9 Naugatuck police investigators located him and took him into custody on charges of second-degree sexual assault, risk of injury to a minor and use of a computer to entice a minor to engage in sexual activity. The suspect was held in lockup on a $25,000 bond and was scheduled to be arraigned Friday in Waterbury Superior Court.

Blanchard has conducted roughly 50 arrest of this type in the past, Harrison said. But, when it comes to encountering alleged sexual predators over the internet, Harrison made it clear, “we don’t target anyone.”

“We wait for them to make the first communication,” he said.

Many times, as he poses as a 14-year-old girl, Blanchard will engage in internet chats that never turn sexual. Other times, there are sexual conversations that take place, but never to the point where the person on the other side agrees to make a rendezvous, Harrison said.

“It can rise to the level of criminal investigation based on conversation,” the spokesman said.

Driscoll has no prior criminal record.

New Milford police assisted in the investigation.            

barb February 11, 2012 at 03:35 PM
good job npd, get them all
Craig Zac February 23, 2012 at 01:53 PM
It always amazes me that People still do this.. but, I guess to be a creep like this dude, youd have to be running on half your cylinders anyways. .. I have question though... the artical says "there are sexual conversations that take place, but never to the point where the person on the other side agrees to make a rendezvous, Harrison said." Wouldnt it be a crime to even engage in Sexual chat with a minor?? I would have loved to see this guys face when the cops showed up, the officer who got him online should have put on a girld wig and walked over to him and said "Hi.. its me!'
Craig Zac February 23, 2012 at 01:58 PM
and another thing...how do you know youre not meeting some crazy person whos own kid was sexually abused and is now on the net acting like a little kid and then meeting perves and beating them or worse?
Michelle P Oglesby April 19, 2012 at 03:06 AM
Keep up the good work Ron and NPD! The more of these losers y'all get off the streets the safer the computer and world will be for our Babies!! Way to go!!
donatello gogo November 22, 2012 at 05:13 PM
Yea man they need to pour acid on this baby fkkr's gentialia and then let killer bees make a hive in his butt then as they are resting after a long day of colon mining and honey making, violently distrub their hive by having a large black male anally penetrate mr. Driscoll until the bees come steaming out of his rectum stinging everything on the way out and leaving a trail of honey and semen in their wake. Then and only then will mr driscoll know the true pain of his crimes. And the true and awesome power of the APIS MELLIFERA.


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