Naugatuck Police Warn of Grandchild Scam

Police say there has been a recent rise in scams that target the elderly.


The Naugatuck Police Department would like to make the public aware of the “Grandchild Scam." The Naugatuck Police Department has noticed a recent rise in complaints regarding this scam which targets the elderly.

The scam is taking place when elderly victims receive a telephone call from a subject claiming to be a police officer, lawyer or an agent of a police agency located either out of state or in another country. The subject informs the elderly victims that their grandchild has been arrested and that they are being held on a high dollar bond amount. They then request the elderly victim to “wire” the bond money to a location out of state.

The callers often possess a great deal of personal information about the grandchild and in some cases investigated by other agencies, the callers have even posed as the grandchild. Information used could be obtained in a number of ways including “hacking” into personal email accounts and trolling social network sites.

The Naugatuck Police Department would like the public to be aware of this scam and remind citizens that if they receive a call like this they should first make an attempt to contact the person that is claimed to be in jail. Citizens can also contact their local police department to assist them in obtaining information. 

The Naugatuck Police Department's main number is 203.729.5222.

- The above news release comes from the Naugatuck Police Department.


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