Borough Splitting Motor Vehicle Tax Bills

Because motor vehicle taxes increased significantly, Naugatuck is letting residents pay in two installments.

Patch File Photo
Patch File Photo

In an effort to help taxpayers, the Borough of Naugatuck will be breaking motor vehicle tax bills into two installments.

This is for motor vehicles in the 2013 Grand List over $300, according to Burgess Laurie Taf-Jackson.

"With the increase in mill rate due to the decrease in real estate values, motor vehicle taxes have increased significantly," Taf-Jackson said. On average, motor vehicle taxes went up about 22 percent.

The first installment will be due July 1, 2014, and the second installment will be due Jan. 1, 2015.

"Working with the Controller, Bob Butler, and the Tax Collector, Jim Goggin, we determined that splitting the motor vehicle tax bills into two parts, while not reducing the total cost, will help taxpayers to pay tax bills," Taf-Jackson said.

Don Carten March 07, 2014 at 12:45 PM
My above comment IS proof yet again that I should proof-read my responses before hitting "post Comment." I'm certain MR. Fayad would agree. LOL !!!
eileen March 07, 2014 at 02:05 PM
Don, I re-read my comment, and no where did I say that the town should go in as soon as a property or business is delinquent. What I did say is how can these people go for YEARS without paying taxes before something is done. I know of several towns that have a higher percentage of collection then we do. I also said nothing about copyrights, but I do believe that if Jim thought that Mr. Fayad's idea was a good one, at least he could give credit where credit is due. That is called having morals and doing what is right.
Don Carten March 07, 2014 at 03:43 PM
My apologies, Eileen. Of course you never stated we should seize property as soon as the taxpayer becomes delinquent. Unfortunately (or fortunately if you prefer) I no longer have the direct input on such things as collection rates that I once had. The information I recall is a couple of years old but as I remember we were well up into the ninety-percentile range on collections. Not too shabby. The newspaper article I read stated that the tax department did approach these delinquent taxpayers payers over the years but, sadly, with no effect. I don't know why I'm being so defensive of Jim other than, perhaps, because he's a Red Sox fan. ;-)
eileen March 07, 2014 at 06:22 PM
Most of us don't care what happened years ago. If people are approached with, sadly, no results, then a different approach needs to be taken. You can't allow people to get years behind on taxes. As far as the Red Sox go, what's with the entire office being covered with Red Sox things? I'm wondering if that's a copyright infringement, since you brought it up. It's suppose to be a professional office, not a sports bar!
John F. DeBisschop III March 13, 2014 at 08:29 PM
Don Carten, The "Naugatuck Event" sign on the Town Green may have been erected by a Scout for his Eagle Project, but it is not maintained by the scouts. Eagle Scout Projects provide a service for the project beneficiary, in this case the Borough of Naugatuck. Once the project is complete, it is no longer the scout's responsibility. Unfortunately, Eagle Scouts do not remain scouts forever and move onto to conquer the challenges of college, military service, and adulthood in general. The Boy Scout Troops that they leave behind cannot take up responsibility for perptual maintenance for all of these projects. That would be a never ending tasks when you consider the number of projects that are completed every year. While I do not know this with any certainty, I am guessing that the sign may be maintained by the Arts Commission since they are the group that uses it most frequently with the summer concert series. Hopefully, someone with more local insight than myself can definitively solve the mystery of the sign. Sincerely, John DeBisschop Cub Scout Pack #109 - Committee Chairperson Boy Scout Troop #138 - Assistant Scoutmaster


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