CT License Plates Upped to 7 Characters

A $26 million DMV computer upgrade will open up a multitude of new 'vanity plate' combinations next year


In Connecticut, UCANDO7 starting next year– seven characters, that is, on a license plate.

The state has approved a $26 million upgrade to the Department of Motor Vehicles’ computer system, which will allow for seven characters on license plates starting early next year, according to the Hartford Courant.

The move will open up many more combinations for so-called “vanity” plates, special license plates car owners request that can contain abbreviated slogan, nicknames or statements of belief.

It will also create greater revenues for the DMV, a spokesman told the Courant, because more people will be able to buy the more costly vanity plates. Currently, the DMV charges as much as $148 for vanity plates. That fee is on top of the regular costs of registering a vehicle.

The Connecticut DMV was recently highlighted in a report about measures the state government has taken to increase efficiency. According to the report, vehicle titles used to take 145 days to be issued. Now, the typical time is 22 days. 

Ugh! September 28, 2012 at 08:36 PM
This is so much worse than I originally thought. Tom, the article you quote says we currently have three numbers followed by three letters. This makes for 17 million combinations. How can we be running out of 17 million combinations when we only have 2 million cars???? But it gets worse Tom. So much worse. The new system you quote of two numbers, then two letters, then two numbers.... only has 6 million combinations. WE ARE GOING TO A SYSTEM WHICH OFFERS FEWER COMBINATIONS!!!! Is this what we are paying $26 million for, a system with fewer combinations??? Make it stop Tom. Someone, anyone, please, make it stop!!!!!!!!
Tom Falconieri September 29, 2012 at 02:32 AM
Is Connecticut really running out of license plate numbers? Yes, the current alphanumeric scheme used by the Connecticut DMV is running out of combinations. The current system began in the early 1980s and uses a combination of 3 letters and 3 numbers and will run out of new combinations within 18 months. Therefore, in 2013 the DMV will need to change their scheme. Instead of the current system, they will use two numbers, two letters and 2 numbers with a dot in-between the two letters. For example, 55Q.L99. That sequence should have enough combinations to last four years at the current rate of registration in Connecticut.
Ugh! September 29, 2012 at 03:41 PM
Tom, I don't know what to tell you. The math doesn't lie. The new system of "55Q*L99" only has 6 million combos. The currents system of "555*QXZ" has 17 million. That's just the way it is. If they even did something as simple as inverting the scheme, "AB 12 CD", they would get 45 million combos. Why do we make these kinds of decisions?? We so often shoot ourselves in the foot and then wonder why Connecticut taxes are so high. You know better than me, but didn't we change the vehicle sticker requirements several times over the last few years, where it was on the license plate, then it had to be in the window, and then it didn't have to be n the window.... How many tens of millions did that cost us?? Who is our state representative? Why isn't this person looking into all this wasted money and wasted effort and the baffling decisions like spending $26 million on a computer change for vanity plates that in no way will pay for itself. Where is our state representative????
Tom Falconieri September 30, 2012 at 12:15 AM
I dont know the DEMS love to be in your pockets for everything. Example many states are dropping pistol permits and registering firearms. They are saving millions of dollars. NOTE CT keeps a record of firearm transfers and sales. That is against feseral law. But they still do it. This state is shot along with ridgefield . I wrote a letter to CT DMV 14 years ago about unceasing the numbers and letters to facilitate Vanity plates. I also contacted John Fry. Now 14 years later they are doing it. Makes sense because it will bring in revenue without charging us PEONS extra taxes. This is a win win senerio as the state is running out of combinations as we speak. Licensing always costs money and states are doing away with many licenses as we speak. It is cheaper for them than keeping data and hiring municipal employees that get 60 Bucks an hour.
Ryan Nicholas Bard August 12, 2013 at 04:26 PM
i want to direct this at UGH! the millions arnt being spent to upgrade one computer. Its being used to upgrade all the servers and computers at DMV. Your making the state look Wasteful but in reality they are still on an xp and 2003 SYSTEM. It takes loads of time IT tech and money to move a system that large and upgrade it. No homework was done on your part.


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