Naugatuck Gets a Peek at Proposed Mill Rate

Naugatuck officials send $111.4 million budget to a public hearing.

A budget that will be sent to the public for review would bring the tax rate to 45.26 mills, up from 33.55 mills.

The reason for the large increase is because of a state-mandated revaluation of property values completed last year that saw real estate property values drop 26 percent on average, with residential property dropping 29.1 percent on average. Because of the drop in property values, borough officials say the tax rate (or mill rate) needed to be increased to collect the amount of taxes necessary to run the borough.

The average house in Naugatuck was assessed last year at $171,000, according to the Naugatuck Assessor’s Office, which says the average house has now dropped to $120,000. In the current fiscal year, the average homeowner paid $5,737 in real estate property taxes based on the current tax rate of 33.55 mills. If the current proposed 2013-14 budget is adopted, the average homeowner would pay $5,431, or $306 less than the average homeowner paid this year.

The increased tax rate, however, means that in all likelihood, most people will see a significant increase in automobile taxes. Commercial property owners are also likely to see a significant tax increase as those values went down just 3.8 percent on average in the revaluation.

The tax rate of 45.26 mills is based on a combined town and school budget of $111.4 million, an increase of 3.54 percent, which was approved Monday night. The net increase in tax rate – what the increase would be had there not been a revaluation – is 1.29 mills.

The joint boards debated the budget for several hours Monday night hoping to get that number to a manageable level. The boards cut $830,268 from the municipal portion, bringing that to $51.82 million, up from $49.51, a 4.67 percent increase.

The joint boards did not cut anything from the proposed $59.58 million school budget, which represents a $1.5 million, or 2.58 percent, increase.

A significant cut made from the budget Monday night was the removal of a . That money was in the police department's budget. 

A public hearing on the budget will be held at 6:30 p.m. on Monday, May 13, at City Hill Middle School, 441 City Hill St. During that meeting, Naugatuck taxpayers can give their opinion about local spending to government officials. The boards will meet later that week to discuss the comments, possibly make changes based upon those comments and then set the budget and mill rate. Once that is set, the public has two weeks to petition to force a referendum or the budget goes into effect, per Borough Charter.

Editor's Note: Please note that not all residential property owners will see a real estate tax decrease. What I have posted in paragraph three looks at the averages per the assessor. Tax collector Jim Goggin notes that if your assessment went down more than 25 percent, you probably will pay less in real estate taxes. If it did not, you probably will pay as much or more as you did in the current fiscal year. 

Pat D May 16, 2013 at 07:55 AM
Naugatuck, simply amazing. Spend, spend, spend and for what? No crime? Great Schools? Police,Teacher, public employees and fire fighters out in every neighborhood and getting to know the community. What do we get for our money, nothing! My house devalued more than $100k and I'll be lucky to find a buyer because the budget has DOUBLED in 13 years. I'll be lucky to get out without being under water. Moving to Shangri la, new schools, fire and police, teachers who stay after school to help kids because they care and are happy to have a job. Less of the attitude "it's about me" and more "about the community". Housing cheaper and all brick, taxes at a maximum are $1000 on a $100,000. And by the way if taxes go up more than 2% there is a mandatory vote. That is accountability.
Lynn May 17, 2013 at 05:45 PM
FR - so are you claiming Taxpayers in Revolt were somewhat "slanted" in their fights for smaller tax increases, and only trying to get revenue for certain town entities? Are you aware of how little funding our senior center gets from the town? Perhaps you should speak with our senior centers director to get more info! I feel our senior citizens have "paid their dues" in life and could use whatever small breaks they can get in our town! Please go visit Oxford or Prospect's senior center along with a few others and then post if you feel Taxpayers in Revolt was asking too much for more money towards our senior center.... And our town cannot seem to be able to balance a budget!
Naugatalk May 25, 2013 at 08:16 AM
To sum it up folks we are electing meatheads to run our town! Next election say to yourselves do i want these same people voted in again? If you say yes you are paying dearly for that major mistake! It seems like majority of Naugatuck voters are doing so with blinders on! Wake up people . Mr Obama said Change is good. So lets see it happen here in our home town! I am tired of seeing our town slowly go down hill . We need someone with the knowledge and ambition to get things moving again. It seems as though what ever good ideas are suggested gets either knocked down or never comes to be. We need to change our mindset from being negative to positive along with some real time stimulation. Naugatuck has developed an inferiority complex and that has to change! But only those who live here can help by being more positive. To the neighborhoods take pride in your homes pick up the trash others fling out the car windows. If you have an elderly neighbor who has let their property go because the find it difficult ask them if they would like someone to cut the grass...trim some bushes. It will make some one happy and make you feel great too and the bonus is the place looks good gain try it and see how it can catch on with the others in your neighborhood. I said my peace so a relaxing and enjoyable weekend ahead. Remember the men and women who serve and served in. Our military. Pray for them. Peace!
Lynn May 25, 2013 at 07:45 PM
We really need an elected official to balance a budget, or at most come up with a minimal budget increase this year due to the NHS renovations, misc unprepared expenses etc! Thanks for the info regarding the Fire Dept employee stance but why can't you interview before your "hands" are scheduled to leave for new hires to cover when your employees take retirement? Unions are still corrupt! I would retire if I had their pensions and benefits also!!!! Unions do not make enough "concessions" compared to us private sector workers pay and benefit scale...
Jesse James June 04, 2013 at 06:37 PM
Taxes are going to go up no matter what due to inflation, that is inevitable. I think the bigger picture, just my opinion, is the future for this town. Within the past decade all i have seen from Naugatuck has been Peter Paul up and move, Renaissance Place vanish, Schools closing down one by one, proposals to revitalize downtown and main streets a laughing matter.... I had a plan 5 years ago to have my kids grow up in the same house I did and go to the same schools that i did but can no longer hold that dream and only ask myself, what is being done at all to bring businesses and families to our town? More businesses and homeowners would bring our mill rate down drastically.


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