Republicans Win Top Ballot Billing in Court

The court unanimously ruled in favor of the Republicans and against the secretary of state’s arguments.


Mitt Romney, Linda McMahon and other Republicans will get top billing on the ballots in Connecticut after the state Supreme Court ruled in favor of Republicans, according to the Associated Press.

Republicans sued for the placement because although Gov. Dannel P. Malloy beat Republican Tom Foley in 2010, the governor’s votes were split between the Working Families Party and Democrats. State law says that the party with the most votes gets top billing in the next election, and the Republicans had 20,000 more votes than Democrats due to the two-party split.

Secretary of State Denise Merrill, a Democrat, fought against the Republican request for top billing. According to the Associated Press, she said she “‘interpreted the statute in good faith and with due diligence.”   

paul d. October 02, 2012 at 12:39 AM
Joyce - pretending she is LUCA the weight lifting genius - been spending too much time to your boy Beck and now you don't respond? Very odd. And.... that's not fair Joyce (Luca)- I thought I was your stalker.
sebastian dangerfield October 02, 2012 at 02:23 AM
Paul D If you are not stalking me--then what is the point of your post here? Man, I have TOLD YOU . Now IM ORDERING YOU. Stay in the minor leagues. You always lose , when you take me on. Please, have some self-respect , and stop demonstrating your lack of intelligence. It's embarrassing me. ("been spending too much time to your boy Beck" Sure Paul. Ive been spending too much time to him. What a tard. What a waste you are.)
sebastian dangerfield October 02, 2012 at 02:29 AM
paul d. 8:38 am on Friday, January 13, 2012 I am a Republican. I agree 8-30g is wrong. The difference between us is that I hold our party responsible as a contributing factor for its passage and want the elected republicans who were in office and did nothing to stop it, replaced. Period. paul d. 8:34 am on Friday, January 13, 2012 Between the two of you maybe you can answer this question: Why does the democrat party dominate? So far you said, "Unions." Believable? No. Not when Rowland and Rell were the Governors for as long as they have been. Yes, I - as a Republican - can criticize my party for not doing enough. Pauld the republican that people recognize by his email Hey paul--you never seem to respond to the same question ive asked 40 times. How can someone recognize you by Paul D to email you? And why do you claim to be a republican , when 200 out of 200 posts have been anti-republican and pro democrat? Why lie? Ill keep asking. But the last thing you should be doing, is asking why I dont respond. Get it? You probably dont. But most people get it.
paul d. October 02, 2012 at 03:29 AM
Nothing there is anti republican - unless you think being critical of some things the republicans have been complicit in means one can't identify oneself with them. I am a registered Republican, I vote in Republican primaries, I get Linda McMahon's phone calls.... Too bad you are blinded by the glenn beck rhetoric. Joycee pooh.
sebastian dangerfield October 02, 2012 at 05:50 AM
Nah, i just am not a liar.. thinking that i can gain some respect for what I say, by changing who I am. If your comments were limited to the above, then of course, I would not understand who you are. The 200 anti republican, pro democrat posts that exist from paul d : one's that ooze hatred and bitterness, those are the ones that are the give-away. I never once watched glen beck. I form my ideas based on reading NY Times, wall street journal, listening to NPR, and PBS. I am not interested in extremist views--or lies. Unfortunatley, you are the one who is 'blinded' by rhetoric. When asked 'what policies of bush that obama has not followed , 'got us into this mess', you replied that the 2 illegitimate wars , the prescription drug program, and dereguation. I responded, that the wars were not illegitimate, since the were voted on , by congress, that you cannot name any regulations that bush lifted that caused anything that exists today, and the prescription drug plan , is part of obama care, so if you detest that plan, and think it wrong, then why support obama? This is not rhetoric, this is simple fact. To describe the wars as illegitimate and causative for todays problems is simply wrong---notwithstanding, that obama ordered a surge in afghanistan. Oh, you also posited that obama got us out of iraq. Which of course is also a falsity. Unless of course you want to say that the tax cuts that bush signed, also dont count? give it up-why pretend?


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