Former Naugatuck Principal Leaves Reg. 14 for North Haven

Melinda McKenna, the principal at Bethlehem Elementary School, is leaving to become a director of curriculum.


Melinda McKenna, principal at Bethlehem Elementary School and a former Naugatuck school administrator, is resigning from her post with the Region 14 (Woodbury & Bethlehem) school system.

"It is after deep reflection and mixed emotion that I leave BES," she said in an Aug.16, 2012, letter to Region 14 Superintendent Jody Goeler. "I have decided to leave Region 14 and begin a position as the director of instruction and curriculum in North Haven."

Goeler said McKenna will be missed.

"She will be here for the start of school and will be here for the transition," he told Patch. "We will hire an interim if necessary."

McKenna is the former principal at the now-shuttered Central Avenue School in Naugatuck. She left Naugatuck for Region 14 when former Naugatuck Superintendent Robert Cronin became school chief in the Woodbury-Bethlehem district. Cronin is now head North Haven pubic schools.

This story originated on the Woodbury-Middlebury Patch.  


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