Connecticut Budget Crisis Could 'Devastate' Towns

Town leaders at a meeting this week said they're worried the deepening budget problems, which include a growing deficit that is expected to balloon to more than $1 billion next year, will mean cuts in town aid.


Municipal leaders are beginning to fret about Connecticut's growing budget problems, raising concerns that the growing deficit - now projected to balloon to more than $1 billion next year - could mean reductions in town aid that the state makes each year to Connecticut's 169 towns.

In a meeting Thursday of the Housatonic Valley Council of towns, municipal leaders learned that the measures being considered by Gov. Dannel P. Malloy to balance the budget could bring steep cuts in state municipal aid, according to the News Times of Danbury.

Most towns in Connecticut each get tens of millions in education and road funds from the state each year and town leaders for years have complained that cutbacks in that aid have already strained local budgets and have forced higher local property taxes. Any additional cuts would be devastating to local communities and could result in layoffs in local school systems, the News Times quoted local leaders as saying.  

Malloy has already cut $170 million in spending in late November, which is the maximum allowed by a governor without legislative approval. 

Tax Man December 08, 2012 at 04:13 PM
Once again we are faced with a deficit in our state....This should be of no surprise given the cuts or adjustments made by the Governor to begin with. This state has a bad habit of raising taxes and then spending even more. This was done with the last record tax increase in which it was complimented by raising our budget by roughly another 8%. Ct has a ratio of about 1 individual per 72 state workers, this is only second to CA at 1 in 182 in which one can figure out our state governments size to the individual. One must keep in mind that the ratio to those getting benefits and not paying taxes added to the state workers makes the ratio even worse. CT could get rid of 50% of its government employees and still be number 1 in the ratio. The budget or cost to sustain CT will increase next year and every year unless it is corrected. Unfortunately all he can cut now are funding's to Education ,Social Services, Towns and so on given as the State workers are protected to 2015 under the contracts he signed.


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