Naugatuck High School Football Coach Resigns Amid Probe

Rob Plasky, who coached Naugatuck for 12 years, has given his resignation letter to school officials.


Longtime Naugatuck High School football Coach Rob Plasky has resigned from the position as an  continues into whether he violated CIAC rules by giving money to the mother of two possile transfers.

Plasky, who was about to enter his 12th season, officially handed in a resignation letter to school officials, NHS Principal Jan Saam confirmed Friday morning.

In a prepared statement, Saam wrote: "During his tenure, (Plasky) showed passion for the game and commitment to the students and program by working closely with administration and the athletic director. He was well liked by the players and his actions were always with the best intentions of the athletes in mind."

Saam said she was not at liberty to comment on the specifics of Plasky's resignation because of the ongoing investigation. 

"It is a regrettable situation and I wish only the best for Coach Plasky," Saam stated. "I am grateful for the many years he brought his expertise to the high school to build up the football program. Many students benefited from his instruction, leadership and caring both on and off the field over the course of the years." 

Saam said she and Athletic Director Tom Pompei will work quickly to find a suitable replacement so that athletes are ready for the football season.

Naugatuck Patch reported Thursday that Plasky was under investigation by borough officials for allegedly giving money to the mother of Javon Martin, a Sacred Heart High School quarterback. Meme Martin, Javon's mother, is also the legal guardian of David Coggins, a collegiate Div. 1-caliber wide receiver who had verbally committed to Boston College. Both players wanted to transfer to Naugy from Sacred Heart for their senior years.

The Republican-American reported this week that Meme Martin was having trouble paying bills, and therefore Sacred Heart wouldn't release their transcripts, prohibiting them from transfering. 

Naugatuck Patch has learned that Plasky asked for $2,000 from the Naugatuck Football Alumni Association, a volunteer organization and fund-raising club for the football program, to give money to Meme Martin.

Sources said alumni association co-chair Frank Johnson Jr. did not know he was doing anything that could have been in violation of CIAC rules. Johnson later felt uncomfortable with the situation and approached Pompei after discussing it with Plasky, sources said.

Really? August 26, 2012 at 03:02 AM
Ummmm....Maybe you better reread your post, it doesn't completely make sense!
John August 27, 2012 at 04:23 AM
Hey Jimmy - It is great that you are proud of your family name and that your family is the heart of the restaurant. I am also a small business owner and I agree with you that each of us should set our place the way we see fit. But, for our businesses to succeed we also need to do what will bring the customers to us and keep them coming back. You told black scott if he really cared he should come talk to you and tell you where you can improve. Jimmy, he already did that and you shot him down and told him he needed to come tell you in private. I have been to your place before and I also agree with him about the name and the decor/atmosphere, In fact everyone I that I know that has been there has told me the same thing about the decor. They way you have the place set up has not necessarily kept me or others away - but it also has not drawn us back. I do wish you the best with your business but you also need to have an open mind when it comes to customers suggestions.
Jimmy Ayash August 28, 2012 at 03:39 AM
John, Thank you for the feed back and your honestly, again thanks for taking the time.
Time 2 Pay Da Bills August 28, 2012 at 12:02 PM
How many other mothers (football or non-football) did Plasky give money to? Or was it only top caliber football players mothers?
Dan December 20, 2012 at 09:15 PM
Soon we start a new year,Rumours have plasky oaching again at a local college.But what about the other person who gave him the check Mr.Johnson,Is he still the president of the booster club and if so WHY??????


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