Greg Kuehn
My country life begins in rural Connecticut where my beautiful wife and I started a life together that is rewarding and a thankful blessing.   We love the home we’ve created: the lives we share together, the 9 pets we share it with and the house we live in.
I have been trying for years to make my life simple.   It just isn’t that easy to do.  I have this Utopian notion that somehow, simple and easy are adjectives where one can not be described without the other.   I want my life to be easy now, not once I retire.  It’s not going to happen.  So I have to be sure that within the absence of simplicity there is God, Faith, Love and Happiness.  It’s a work in progress.
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The South Britain Congregational Church is a community-oriented ministry with weeklyMore worship services at 10 a.m. on Sundays. The church is involved with a myriad of charity events, such as collecting for the Southbury Food Bank and gifting bla
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